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Find My Phone
Find My Phone

Find My Phone could be an extremely useful app for those of us who forget where they have left their phone. Either in the same room or in the office, coffee shop, home or somewhere else...!

You can download & install it from Google Play!

And it is absolutely FREE! No advertisements either!!! :-)

Find My Phone offers two features -
  • If you have kept your android phone/device on silent/vibration only, and can't locate it in the room, you can easily locate it in the room by sending a command SMS from another phone and your phone will start ringing (even if it is on silent) and if the device has a flashlight, it will be turned on as well. You can then pick up your phone, and turn off the sound & flashlight (if available) by clicking the "OK" button that will pop up in the dialog box.
  • You can also find location (either address or co-ordinates on the map) of your android device/phone by sending it another command SMS from a different phone. The app will try to find address of the phone/device and will send an SMS to the phone from which the command SMS was sent. If it cannot find the address, it will send SMS with co-ordinates (latitude/longitude) of the phone/device along with map link.

    Please note that accuracy of the location/address depends on several factors including the provider (network, WiFi or GPS) for detecting the location. The app will try to use the most accurate, available provider to detect its co-ordinates. Moreover, Internet access either via GPRS/3G or WiFi is required to obtain the address from the co-ordinates. If Internet access is not available, the app will send SMS with map link using the detected co-ordinates to allow receiver to find location of the phone/device on map.

The app is intentionally kept simple and it allows you to customize both these SMS command texts so that they are as easy or as complex as you want them. You can customize the SMS text when you install the app and change them whenever you want. The app will respond accordingly to your customized commands.

Please note that the command SMS text that you send for this app will NOT show in your SMS inbox.

For any queries or feedback regarding Find My Phone, you can contact us - . Please keep 'Find My Phone' in the subject.


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