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Product Guy | Full Stack Developer | FOSS Proponent | Consultant | Server-Side Expert | Idea To Prototype Builder | Python Charmer | ML & DS Enthusiast | Writer | Foodie | Pychology Student | Renaissance Soul...
This is one topic that I follow passionately!
This is Manish Hatwalne, the founder of Orisys Software. I have 18+ years of software development experience and I have worked with diverse technologies, platforms. I am a techie at heart and I still enjoy coding everyday. I am primarily a product development guy and I enjoy building products from ideas using FOSS technologies. I specialize in scalable & robust server-side/back-end development using using Python and Django. In the past I have mostly used Java/J2EE technologies. I am also comfortable with client-side technologies and building mobile applications with native Android SDK or HTML5. I have co-authored commercial mock examination for SCJP 1.4 and I was involved as beta tester for SCJP 1.4 for Sun Microsystems. I have exclusively worked with American and European product development and SaaS organizations for more than 11 years. I was a key member of a large B2B product since its inception and stayed with it for almost 10 years - in the process building it & growing it to serve 250+ paying business customers in the USA market.

Currently, I work as a consultant with an exciting Pune based startup providing solution for technical hiring. I am bulding an innovative android app as well. I am interested in building enterprise/consumer products with web technologies and mobile applications. I am also exploring real life machine learning applications and growth hacking, A/B testing.

I have a PG Diploma in Advanced Computing from C-DAC (Pune) and my Masters in CS (MCA) as well. I have also completed a short course in HCI from IDC, IIT Bombay. Though I do not work as a GUI designer, this course has given me several important insights about effective product design and the design process itself. Irrespective of the product and domain, the process of designing (or architecturing) itself fascinates me and I find myself getting involved in the desiging processes often - not necessarily limited to software!

I love exploring and experimenting, not only with technologies but also with several other aspects of life. Besides software, I am interested in psychology and writing. I have done few courses in psychology and completed a Diploma in Experiential Education and Practice (DEEP). I enjoy facilitating selective non-technical workshops for professionals as well as for adolescents. I also love helping individuals with their self-exploration, self-actualization and associated career transitions. I run a website called My Zen Path and offer workshops, consultation related to self-exploration and self-actualization.


  • Recent exposure - Python, DJango, Machine Learning (ML), Java/J2EE, Struts, Apache Velocity, Apache Solr, Android, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Linux, MySQL, Apache, Tomcat etc.
  • Past/Limited exposure - Spring framework, Alfresco, PHP, Wordpress, PhoneGap, Google Maps, Groovy, C, C++, Swing, WAP, J2ME.
  • Tools/Libraries & Miscellaneous - JUnit, jqPlot, Highcharts, Jasper Reports, SVN/CVS/GIT etc.
  • I am continuously exploring & learning, so my skills are not only limited to the ones you see above. Besides, I solve problems and technology is just a tool that can be learnt quickly and used appropriately.
  • I am an active listener and an effective communicator as well, two indispensable skills I'd say! :-)
  • Business Analysis & Attention to details - They are extremely useful in building prototypes and products from ideas and delighting the clients with our soluions. I strive to uncover actual needs & requirements beneath the perceived requirements or expressed specifications.

Software Development Experience

I started my career back in 1999 with a mid-size, service oriented company that took pide in their expertise in cutting edge technolgies with clients such as Microsoft, Motorola etc. While working there, I created my first mobile apps back in 2000-2001 when WAP was prevalent. In the last 18+ years, I worked with organizations focussed on consulting/services for the first 3-4 years and worked with product based organizations for 15+ years later. Working with service oriented organizations has given me exposure to diverse technologies and variety of projects. Whereas my long association with product based organizations has given me thorough exposure to enterprise applications, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service(SaaS) and vision to transform an idea from inception to a real-life product and growing it with scalability and innovation. Converting an idea to a prototype or product really drives me and I have enjoyed doing this for several products since 2003.

I am experimenting with Machine Learning since 2015 after completing Andrew NG's famous Machine Learning (ML) course from Coursera-Stanford, and I have built a commercial Machine Learning application with Python/Django for a Pune based start-up. The Orisys Software Portfolio should give a better idea about my experience/exposure.


  • Running My Zen Path since Nov 2015, it is an endeavour to provide guidance and examples of meaningful living and working with purpose. I write articles about rethinking work and life here. I also present stories of unconventional individuals who have chosen their own path.
  • Running online food related community called since April 2014. is a bi-lingual online community for foodies to discuss various recipes, restaurants and other information related to food/nutrition. This has given me better understanding of user engagement with online communities and social media.
  • Participated in Google Hackathon, Pune GDG in January 2013 and developed an emergency help android app prototype in 24 hours inspired by Delhi gang rape case that took place in Dec 2012.
  • Contributed to the MediaWiki Mobile App using PhoneGap during MediaWiki Pune Hackathon, in Feb 2012. I added 2 new enhancements to the 'Nearby Search' feature.
  • Co-author of the leading Java certification products including J@Whiz 1.4 by Whizlabs, nominated for the best Java training products by JDJ.
  • Contributed to Java-GUI FAQs.
  • Contributed a patch to open source project FCK editor.
  • I was involved as a technical reviewer for the book J2EE 1.4: The Big Picture.
  • Involved as a technical reviewer for Kathy Sierra's books Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 and Head First Java.
  • Participated as a Beta Tester for Sun's SCJP 1.4 beta exam in 2002.
  • I host website since 2001. Though I do not update it anymore, there are lot of hits and references to the existing articles here.

Published Articles

  • Java Ranch : Equals and Hashcode - A Java article discussing correct implementation of two important methods of java.lang.Object class. This article has been referred by quite a few blogs/sites including Hibernate and likes. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign refers to it and has some API code based on this idea. Written way back in 2002, the article still ranks #1 or #2 in google search for search term Equals & Hashcode!
  • Code Project : Internet Explorer Skin Manager - This is another old article that deals with VC++ registry APIs. It is a tool for changing skins of Internet Explorer.
  • Other articles at Code Project - Few other technical articles published on Code Project.
  • Other articles at - Miscellaneous technical articles at, I still get mails about these articles.
  • Journey Of Self Exploration - This was a one-week series of 7 articles that I wrote after my session on Self Exploration at ThoughtWorks, Pune in Feb 2015. This has developed into My Zen Path, and I write often here as this topic is close to my heart.


I do write some blogs as well, though I write them rather irregularly as and when I feel like. I try to maintain these 3 blogs -
  • - This blog contains some technical & entrepreneurship related articles. I plan to write more often here.
  • Ramblings to Reflections - Personal, non-technical blog. As the name suggests, I put anything that I feel strongly about... and when I have enough time to articulate & type! :)
  • Anil Awachat Blog - Blog about one of my favorite authors, rather one of my favorite people. We used to carry out lot of constructive activities through Anil Awachat community on Orkut. There are lot of articles, activities and reviews about his books here. Many posts are contributed by other members and we have lots of articles there in Marathi. Interestingly, the blog ranks in the first 3-4 links in Google search for term 'Anil Awachat'. Trust me, *content* is the best SEO. Period!

Renaissance Soul…

There is lot more to me besides my prior experience and expertise. Read further if you're really interested.